A Bit About

Holla amigo!! Aulia Rahmani Soendoro as called as my facebook page, aulley as called as my twitter's username and as known as aul or lia.

Was born at Malang,Indonesia, a beautiful-cold-place about 20 years ago. Now majoring at Communication Science, Brawijaya University though I love art so and there's no art subject. Hmm, I love political subject, organize an event, draw on sketchbook, shop at flea market, read biography and prose, watch a romance drama, eat a lot of food especially sushi and meatball, listen to Paramore, Dashboard Confessional, Colbie Caillat, Lady Antebellum, Vannessa Carlton, (old)Britney Spears, and indie bands, and I'm not kinda fashionable one, but I love fashion, a brand, indie clothing, vintage and independent.

A right brain person, a daydreamer, a random person actually. Purple, gray and blue lovey. Believe that everything is iluminated nowadays.
I started this blog at 2007 and blogging since 2005. I'm not focusing everything which I wrote here, so I named it a juice, a mix, a blend. Everything on my mind, my favorites, my obsessions, my dream, my passion, my fool daily life and everything I am, will decanted on this blog.

For related inquiries or maybe you need any help, e-mail me at gmail