Monday, December 12, 2011

New Year, New Look!

Christmas and New Year Eve is coming soon. Everybody looks so happy, and the great one is... SALE IS EVERYWHERE. New year means new look from me. from the ones who love to shop at online shopping, please check Unestablish. Free shipping fee..... ah sounds fun. Here's my favorites,

I really love black dress, and this one looks so glamorous and chic for Christmas nite.

A bold looks! I want to wear it on my new year eve, oh pleaseee..

Simple and looks so vintage, the most wanted item :)

There's lot of cool outfits on Unestablish. come on check their official online store. And for the ones who wants to get a big giveaway from them, check this. Or you can send me a christmas gift (please these Kling Dress Lepaix looks so cool) LOL. And also there's a lot of great brand for male and female.. Go buy them!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Far. Away.

There a lot of things that better left unsaid. Cliche. Cliche things about love.
You know, I don't want to be so far away from you. Even in a bad one.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Behind MANC Shoes Lookbook Photoshoot

Here they are, unpublished photos behind MANC Shoes Lookbook. As you know, I heart flea market so much. There's lotta flea market thingy on my closet. I bought a polkadots skirt for IDR 20.000, and the bags are from flea market. Thrifting always fun ;) I'll post my another flea market thingy soon, you'll know that thrifting is not a sin.

Knit Cardigan FLASHY | Tops UNBRANDED | Polkadots skirt FLEA MARKET
Tights UNBRANDED | Anne Oxford Heels by MANC SHOES | Bags FLEA MARKET

Monday, November 07, 2011

MANC Shoes Pre-Season 1.0 Lookbook

So glad, my baby finally and officially "launch" in this world. Yep, it is MANC shoes. my first project with my bf. This pre-season actually is a test market project, but surely we made a great quality shoes and comfortable ones. Please check our MANC Shoes officially page, click here
Original shoes comes with very affordable price and great quality.
And here's our lookbook, with me as the model :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photoshoot for 2ndhand Shoppe's Lookbook

A very late post :( Hello bloggy, I'm super busy now, a lotta works with a minimum time. Now, I'm organizing a soccer tournament tittled "Rektor Cup", doing my own brand new fashion business (yippie!) , and.... studying (of course with lots of task and to do list). Speaking of business project, I will launch my shoes line soon. Named "MANC". I work with my bf. He's a shoeaholic and good at everything about shoes. Actually the name  means "people from manchester, UK" but MANC stands for MAN + Cewek. Cewek means Women in bahasa. Simply, it means my shoes line designed for man and women. Don't miss our pre-season lookbook, soon will drop on this blog.

In the other hand, my friend, Ista, ask me to be a model for her shop's lookbook. 2ndhand shoppe sells high-quality secondhand stuffs with affordable price. Very recommended :) find lot of branded thingy there.

So here's the sneak peek of their lookbook. Don't forget to take a click on their blog!

2ndhand Shoppe's Lookbook
Hendietta and I

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Craving For Bass ♥ Rachel Antonoff Shoes Collection

I'm crazy for shoes especially oxford or blucher ones. Watched Nylon TV and found Rachel Antonoff's Spring 2012, my eyes starred at the shoes. That's Bass ♥ Rachel Antonoff Collection. Pretty cute. For details take a click here.

This ones are what I craving for, anybody?

Alice Navy
A Red bold bow on your feet, how cool!
Amiya Whiskey
I cant stop stare at this stuff

Mommy pls I want this one!!!
I want it on my rack. Sweeeeeet!
Quite cute, isn't it?

And I love Antonoff collection too, these ones are what I want on my closet.

Go grab their collection, you'll ♥ it!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Paramore Live in Indonesia 2011 : Lotus Pond, Bali

FINALLY! The day. I saw Paramore's concert at Bali, but unfortunately, I didn't win the meet & greet quizzes. But it was really fun to saw Hayley with black-white pants. Her voice was awesome. Taylor and Jeremy performed so well and they went crazy at the stage. Love it :)
Here's a few photos of mine, with my friend Tya and my bf, Zaki. Disappointed, disappointed because it should not bring a DSLR. And my pocket camera was broke. Blackberry saved me.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Color Blocking

The Latest trend, I really stumble into this. No more pastel day, no more pale face. It's fun.  Look at my new polyvore for color blocking.

Color Blocking

Is it true that color blocking inspired by Picasso's geometric one? I just guessed that it came from my brotha rubik's colors :D
and here it is from Marc by Marc Jacobs.