Thursday, September 03, 2009

good morning my country, INDONESIA !

dear bloggy !
malang's weather is so hot right now and badly , i'm fasting :) , hmm , about hours ago I browsed few pages . about INDONESIA . beside an earthquake that happened yesterday, bomb and terrorism , i found so many pages about culture, tourism, and beautiful places . and also I found a great article written by Indonesian blogger here. as an Indonesian , of course I'm so disappointing with malaysia's claim. but, actually I'm regreting with Indonesian. why ? yup, as we all know, we have so many many culture, ethnic, even language and island. but why, there's just a little who struggle for indonesia's culture existency. honestly I said thankfull to malaysia (of course not for the claim), because those claims, we can see TARI PENDET, REOG PONOROGO, WAYANG at our tv . consciously , if we want our culture have an existency, one thing that must we do . . love them, learn them, and spread them.

those are video from indonesian artist, it's pretty cool .

saykoji - copy my style again courtesy: youtube

panji pragiwaksono - kami tidak takut courtesy: youtube

and this is the coolest one ,

tari pendet BALI, INDONESIA courtesy: youtube

i love INDONESIA and thats all i really know

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