Wednesday, November 18, 2009

an insomniac project called OWL CITY

electronic sounds of adam young's insomniac , i called it like that . his music inspired by disco and european electronic . started from 2007 , Adam Young released Owl City's first EP named "of June" and 2008 named "Maybe I'm Dreaming". it has millions play rate in myspace . then in 2009, Owl City's first major label released. check out Fireflies video here.
i heart this self-band damn much , cause all off song lyrics are simple and not about a corny love or emo *yeah it's not as "bloody" as secondhand serenade lyric*. i also love an old sound, or something like sounds from korg micro and Adam Young represents it . i hope he gets insomnia and makes a good sound and lyric for Owl City. enjoy it :)

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