Monday, December 28, 2009

my black ipod nano's currently playing

my insomnia got up and the one who fix it *instead makes me better , is ipod.
my recent played songs are :

dashboard confessional - screaming infidelities
vierra - perih
all time low - remembering sunday
sum 41 - with me *remembering me to gossip girl season 1, guess what scene lol .
stacie orrico - i'm not missing you
john mayer - dreaming with the broken heart
jojo - too little to late
paramore - when it rains
the corrs - love gives love takes
kerispatih - tapi bukan aku *my sista's love
busted - over now
the click five - empty
mayday parade - 3 cheers for five years
daniel bedingfield - if you're not the one
rihanna - take a bow
efek rumah kaca - desember *good indonesian band, you guys must listen to their ms.

sounds hurt? yeah a little .
i do listen hatebreed . lol . but almost a few months i do listen kinda music like that.
it's quite fine.
and i do wear a casual ones. not really fashionable, i dont know .
hmm , maybe need a long time to fix this broken .

and finally IT-GUY showed in my notifications.
oh, i dont want to be as special as before,
but i know we're not in this way.
and i accept it.
i just felt happy to see one thing on fb.
hmm, i know it's over, and i can forget you little by little.
corny one?
yeah i do, it's not problem being corny :)


regina said...

thankyou for your nice comment on my cbox:))) like your layout:)

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