Thursday, January 21, 2010

random thingy

dear bloggy :) as usual , malang is raining again , the weather is so cold here .
3 days ago i did a faculty camp , an interest one , i learned so many things , such as how to cook rice manually and the good thing is I TOOK A BATH WITH COLD WATER . finally i caaaaan :) .

ok bloggy , dont you know my mr. the-new-better-one ? call him Zaki . it's better to know him i think . and my whole world goes really fun with him . thx God to take him here with me :))

the damn thing is my KHS (Kartu Hasil Studi) , i dont know what mark that i got . online system makes me crazy because i cant rembember the password , yeah sometimes technology isnt good enough for my brain hehe .

ok, bloggy next updates will appear soon , esp for apparel . xoxo love you !

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