Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Asap Project: DIY Thingy in this Juicy

helloooo :) for honest, i love my blog now. this is not just about a corny thingy, love life, and my random thought, random emotion. this blog is more juicy now and then.

i've wrote so many reviews about fashion, music, photography, book, movie, video and random things. readable isnt it?

okay bloggy, i decided to write a new thing. this is DIY project. DIY stands for Do It Yourself. you can read few steps to make something. disapointed, i'll write it in bahasa, with a lil bit english there, so you can click googletranslate here :D i write in bahasa because i want to be a contributor for fashion magazine website (happy to hear that *.*)

other new thing is . . . i will add a rate for every review, it is like:
***** awesome, worth to try
**** nice, no regret
*** it's okay to know it or not
** for honest dont try it
* what the hell is it?

so catch this blog, first DIY project will appear tomorrow :)

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