Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm Here I'm There

Don't know why the weather was so random. Also my mind. not a good day actually,  my boyfriend and I started to take some pictures, but we found a fail right there, there and there. these are our random and fail pics.

The greatest thing on this hectic and busy week is... my design will soon labelled as "abcdrs" clothline. Fyi, the owner of abcdrs asks me to draw some dress designs. Yippey it's kinda pleasure for sure. I will publish my first prototype, my own design right here. You can buy it online. can't waaaaaaiit :)

The other one which makes me so excited is Endah n Rhesa. To be honor, Im its organizer commitee. Feel so lucky. I make concept for talkshow and mini concert. And I designed the poster :) wish it could be so cool. It will be held on dec, 9th. Pray me for success.

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