Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And The Rest is.... Easy :)

Hello dearest bloggy, about 3 days ago I got sick and you know.... I hate hospital for a God's sake. It was about digestive thingy (don't know what the names). Suffer. I got injection almost 6 times a day and a lot lot lot loooot of drugs.

As I ever told you on my past post, the weather at Malang is superchill (now: about 20 degrees celcius). The craziest one was 15-16 degrees celcius, it was super cold for me. And this caused my sickness, I got a high fever firstly. Then dehydration attacked me. My gastric acid was rising dramatically.

I realized. I am to busy. I don't eat well. I don't take an exercise. And my bad, I bought unhealthy snack and junk food almost everyday. It sounds so normal, right? These are totally fool. Fool me.

Now I'm quite fine, i just need a regular rest. For you, don't forget to eat well and regularly. Drink a lot of mineral and pure water, don't be to busy. Do it now and the rest is easy :)

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