Saturday, September 10, 2011

Craving For Bass ♥ Rachel Antonoff Shoes Collection

I'm crazy for shoes especially oxford or blucher ones. Watched Nylon TV and found Rachel Antonoff's Spring 2012, my eyes starred at the shoes. That's Bass ♥ Rachel Antonoff Collection. Pretty cute. For details take a click here.

This ones are what I craving for, anybody?

Alice Navy
A Red bold bow on your feet, how cool!
Amiya Whiskey
I cant stop stare at this stuff

Mommy pls I want this one!!!
I want it on my rack. Sweeeeeet!
Quite cute, isn't it?

And I love Antonoff collection too, these ones are what I want on my closet.

Go grab their collection, you'll ♥ it!

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