Friday, February 06, 2009

going to be uncomfortable .

have u ever felt that something going to be uncomfortable for ur life ? i'm feeling it right now . and i realized it when i was seeing infotainment . yah . it's totally about FAKE LIFE or watever u called it . and i got this feeling again when i was logging in my friendster and looking around almost for 5 minutes . it's so fake . and i think , almost people in this modern times do this fake . internet as a second life for many people can reborn our soul to be what we want . to be as perfect as we want . tho it's fake , we'll never feel uncomfortable with this . i was . i was so fake . as  example is my first friendster . i wrote an alay name , describe myself as a perfect one , and did so many fakes . and the important one is about fake in populared people . they showed their best smile for every infotainment's camera *tho actually i think that they have learned how to smile like that* , told their glamour life , showed their expensive dress , and talked about their lovelife *ok , this part remember me to dewi persik xP*. it is not only happening in artist . most of my friends *who think that he/she is so popular* do this fake . most of them will do everything to show how exist they are . even something which is so useless and losing their times & money . and being their friend is my really really bad choice . spent almost my times for shopping , clubbing or just chillin' out . it was so cool . but now , i've realized that it's just like a junk . i will never do this fake again . ok , at least not for looking around and hanging out of course . i love hang out but not for go to club .

fake life . i regret it . why ? 

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