Wednesday, May 20, 2009

tears by vierra

salah satu lagu yang paling saya suka di debut album vierra , judulnya tears . agak2 emo , trus ada widy-vokalis- yang scream di akhir lagu yah walopun cuma 1 kalimat . here is the lyric ,

My First Love

would you stop all the lines
coming out from your mouth
isn't my stories not enough
too much lies for me
so please forgive me

your car , my house , our phone
where are the memories lies

all the tears that aren't wasted
all the anger that exploded
all the things that we've been through
wouldn't pay a thing if we end this

this is just the half part
half part of my lyrics

download lagu tears dari vierra melalui rapidshare klik disini

enjoy folks :D

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