Tuesday, June 02, 2009

quick post about my next step

dear bloggy , seem its been so long i didnt keep my fingers , right on this keyboard . hmm , actually i have no a good story except my daily activities . yap , almost three weeks i do a shit thing called "INTENSIF SNMPTN" and u know , i take IPC , so it means that i must learn both , IPA and IPS *sigh*. this course begins at 12.45 till 18.00 . a little bit crazy huh ? oh maybe it isnt time to complaint .

uhmm , there was so many (oh lebay) friends who asked the same question . MENGAPA SAYA MEMILIH JURUSAN IPS PADAHAL SAYA ANAK IPA ?? first , i used to love math and friends and i used to choose enginering when i was at first year till a few months ago . but about 1 month ago i make a decision . . COMMUNICATION as my current mayor obsession . for a few reasons . here they are , first , my parents didnt want to let me go outside malang , second , my dad is an ex-announcer and he still work at local radio and tv station and the last , i prefer DKV actually , but u know , ITB is too far and expensive , so . . i thought communication is closed with DKV :D

juli 1 , is the day , SNMPTN . normally , i got a inferior feelin , worried , and sometimes afraid . for sure , i need a SUPPORT . for everyone . i dont know why , supports can be a power for me , it's like when u was playing soccer , suporter could be the 12-th player . even my old "obsession" , i wish he could be my supporter and the reason why i still at malang . and buddies , with laugh with them everyday , it could be a more energy for me . and parents also . and hows foe ? ohh , i dont have a foe ! hha . i just bet . hmm , FYI , a happy feelin also can be an inner supporter for me . of course , i must STUDY ( oh shit word ) . KODING GO , KODING SOAL2 , KUMPULAN SOAL IPC 8 TAHUN . ohhhhhhhhhhh it is driving me insane INSTANTLY!!

ok , its soo morning buddy ! ill go to sleep .

cherios bloggy :)

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