Wednesday, October 14, 2009

dont say it's over now

From the moment I met you I just knew you'd be mine
You touched my hand
And I knew that this was gonna be our time
I don't ever wanna lose this feeling
I don't wanna spend a moment apart
blue - best in me

it really really hurts when i have to realized that those lyrics aren't as sweet as hears before. and don't you know that my text this morning was so sincere. honestly i dont wanna make you feel guilt or whatever. maybe youre the one, the one i was looking to find. it's hard to say that it's over now. kinda suck to tell you that all my time wasted on you, and u said that it couldnt be more serious than i've expected. but boy all you must know is that i love you as much as you want and im not a demander.
sorry if this post is too corny . dedicated to initial F .

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xtahuxterorx goes to blogspot said...

dedicated to initial F or A or N or D or I or P or R or A or Y or O or G or I
hahahahahaha....just kid ull..