Sunday, November 01, 2009

shitty thingy

hey bloggy, yesterday was halloween , ok it's not my culture but it was so fun to see a costume party here .
this weekend went worse and worse tho it was fun when i met my beloved bff , ista , and i had 3 days holiday. but, the shitty thingy *i name it like that* happened again . i dont mean to a bit corny , the thing is about him . such a weirdoooo thing , i dont know why it really hurts . and he never never know it . seems like i do misplaced heart and i go wrong , i named his contact as CURSED GUY , kinda funny? corny i guess , yeah i went so corny and a bit emo because of crazy and weird thing called love . and love sometimes really hurt me .

rather to have a bad day with you than to have a good day without you .

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