Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Homey Mother Earth

finally i post these photos. well as always, my bf and i take a picture, a fail project i named it (LOL) We found a great place named "Tidar", actually a hill and there are beautiful houses.

i didn't have a good mood to mix my clothes, so i decided to wore a basic thingy. take your eyes here :)

White Outerwear: from my mom old friend |Brown Blazer: My Mom's
Striped tank: Hammer | Jeans wash pant: Sg flea market
Shoes: Unbranded *my own product*
Watch: Tflash Infection | Sillybandz


aiu_minoz said...

your outfit very nice :)

Aulia Rahmani said...

@aiu_minoz : thank you :) follow this blog..

michelle_ said...

these are really fabbbb picts !!

happy belated merry christmas to you !
glisters and blisters

Anonymous said...

hmmm warna huruf dan warna backroundnya bikin susah kebaca. try something contrast. black in white background never failed.

Aulia Rahmani said...

@anonim: mungkin bandwitchnya anda yg gak mendukung, background putih dan tulisan hitam kok :) sidebar ungu.. coba cek lagi kl koneksinya oke :)