Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Officially Fall in Love With "A Rocket To The Moon"

I love being randomly stare at my laptop or pc, browse last.fm is kinda pleasure. Honestly, I frequently download the music files, it's illegal, what a shame. The reason is I hardly find indie music original stuff here.

This band called " A Rocket To The Moon". Fortunately, you can go on to their my space page (here) and buy their itunes album and new EP. This american pop band consists of 4 members, they are Nick Santino (Vocal/Guitar), Justin Richards (guitar), Eric Halvorsen (bass), and Andrew Cook (drums).

I officially fall in love with their songs. Easy listening, honest and romantic words (you know every girl loves it). Go on listen, "Like We Used To" or "Not A Second To Waste". Those songs are kinda ballad but still sounds rock and manly. Go to track 'On Your Side", beatly and romantic. Other good tracks such "Annabelle" and " I Think About You Everyday". A good album for insomniac ;)

I do listen "Like We Used To" as lullaby, Nick's voice totally great. Go buy their itunes here.

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