Monday, February 14, 2011

Funny Little Time

Actually I don't really love pink. But I've realized that I have few pink thingy. Yeah, I'm kinda blinded-shop-a-holic. It's funny when I saw my closet, even I've forget where and when I bought that things. Hmm  I love my pink blazer, it looks like fresh, young and bite-able :) If you don't like pink, you should try wear "my pink" in this blazer. It fits on you and makes you fresher.

Zara basic pant is so hot and match-able :) I love Zara all the way. Add a vintage belt, and tuck it like my pic, voilaaa... cool! and for the last touch, black leather oxford shoes and vintage bag. Fresh and stylish.

Matahari Dept. Store's rooftop

What I Wore:
Blazer: Oink! | Pant: Zara Basic | Plain White Tee: Big Jill
Shoes: Zara | Bag: Mulberry | Belt: Topshop
Bracelet: DIY, my mom's | Watch: Philip Ricci

After had an amateur photoshoot, my bf and I decided to go to MCd, here's the pictures :)

                       Me: Busy with blackberry, oh nooo!                                                         Eat a lot, life a long. Stupid aulley :)

Guess who!

Note: I never ever ever acclaim that I am kinda stylish one or whatever you said. I just add my comment for those thingy. Whats good on pink, black shoes and etc. It's just IMO. let me know your opinion(s) too. Click comment and be wise, put your name on it.


putugian said...

blogwalking :)
I love makes me look sweet..hahah
i,m following you right now..
visit me back if you don't ming :)

Anonymous said...

fresh and 'stylissh'??
it's funny how u acclaim that ur own self is stylish. even the most stylish person in the internet doesn't say, like, 'HEY I'M STYLISH . just visit my blog , please'. they are not 'stylish' by acclaiming theirselves are. but because PEOPLE see them as they are (stylish).

Aulia Rahmani said...

@putugian: i already visited you back :) thankie *hug*

@anonymous: i always open for critics :)pls read carefully. i didn't say that words. I said that black leather oxford shoes are fresh and stylish :) get it? and it's funny that u have sent a critic with anonymous.

putugian said...

thanks for visitin :)

mind foll-ing me back?

Aulia Rahmani said...

@putugian: followed! Could you follow me back? :)

putugian said...

i've just followed you Aulia :) n i wanna link you too..
thanks :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like ur bag..

already add ur link on my link list..
happy blooging