Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wish a Great Birthday Gift

Actually I had a long wishlist for my birthday gift. And I will tell you a few.
1. Fashion item such a bag, shoes, top, etc
2. Parfume. I usually wear Lovely (SJP), Burberry, and Still (JLo)
3. Holiday ticket
4. Gadget
5. Flowers
6. Sushi
7. Lalapan (What is it english name?)
8. Book but not a novel. I prefer a serious book, like marketing or business.
9. Concert ticket / DVD
10. Chocolate

and lucky me, my bf presents a great gifts for my birthday :)

A Suede Vintage Wallet and Roses Bucket

 A Great Dinner at The Sister

 A Good Lasagna

Everything will be great if there is a food and fashion.

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J said...

that's a very sweet gift from ur bf!:)

Journal J