Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Sweet One, Good Boy Jimmy

Malang is full of a great musicians, a great taste of music, a great indie bands and everything great especially at music. One of my favorite band from Malang is Good Boy Jimmy. Consist of 3 persons, they play most of sweet songs, influenced by weezer, dashboard confessional, and angel and airwaves as i read from their myspace.

I love their first EP called "Don't Let It Too Long". Totally heart their songs such "Waiting The Sun Goes Down" and "Wake Up". Sounds as sweet as Dashboard Confessional and it was on my lullaby playlist. The other songs like "I Will Never be Alone", "Hey Ellie" and "Hold On" are my recommend too. The latest thing i know about them is their website launch. So go click click for further. And search their Reverbnation for listen how sweet they are.

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