Friday, May 08, 2009

better morning :)

I woke up too early tho I was getting sleep at 1 am .
bunch of things ran on my mind , I practically wanted to have something new and scratched all the bad .
the bad , I guess it's like rethorical questions . and I don't know why i keep it .

I kept thinking about all the things I’ve done when "believing" from the calling was playing with low sound .
so many things I've done and some of it i did it wrong .
and u know , changes some old habit into better or maybe best is really really hard .

last night , it was telling me and made me learn about how to mend . some of friends let me know about their problem . i felt like i'm not alone . and the great part was jamban's note . i was notifying that he's could be a great writer such as raditya dika . lol .

my room was meekly silent this morning . well after the calling , I played "I woke up in a car" from something corporate . i set the sound louder . then , I said to myself , could i mend all my problemo ?
university's major , mom dan dad obsessions , my current dream , friends , and some problemo about GUY . i thought sluggish , hhmm , maybe a constant life could be better .

about 11 am , I ride my mom's black mio . I met my friend . she looked messy enough . then she told me about her problem . ohh , luckily , i've realized (again and again) that EVERYONE HAS A PROBLEM . I'm not the one who got something miserable . and u know what , share it could be so great instead of chocolate or hanging out ! hha . my curent mood is better :)

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