Thursday, May 07, 2009

my current mood is bla bla bla

insomniacs , makes me think about what i should think in these few days . and u know , i signed in my FB about 9.30 pm , chat with some friends , wall-ed , as usual but now i've realized that not only me who have problemo .

everyone has .

ok , i'm not better than any of them . but it was so happy when u shared ur problem , gave an advice even told a joke . i guess , it can mend ur bad .

maybe , tell a problem sometimes could be so hard . but , now i know , bury ur problem is harder than that .

actually , we don't really need a solution . what we need is relieve some poison in our brain .

give an advice also can increase our good mood (instead better than chocolate) . and don't forget a smile or even laugh .

tell it , maybe u'll be better . everyone can be for everyone else . don't ever think that u walk alone .

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