Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

As usual, I always been late to post "myself" thingy. Well, last January 12th I've been 20 years old. 20. May you think I'm getting old, getting mature, with 2 in front of my age numbers. maturity is not something I hate so. But honestly I hate the word "old". You know what it means to me?

20. it's not a tens, it's not teen. Though lot of people says maturity is not about age or whatever, but for my my age is my maturity meter. I count my maturity from what achievement i've been made, my future plans and my dreams. The number of plans, goals or dreams which achieves and in what age.

People says the more number in our age will stop our dreams. We cant make an "impossible" dreams, we cant imagine something as high as the sky and we cant out from reality.

I know it so wrong.

20. And I still love to make a dream. I always dream about how to be an inspiring writer, a successful fashion designer or a magazine editor. How it feels, the stuffs and etc about these ones. And what makes different between teens and tens? These dreams becomes a goal now.

When my friends laugh at my dreams, i know they are totally wrong. 

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niee said...

hey, happy b'day :)
nice blog! salam kenal yah :D