Thursday, January 27, 2011


Maybe someone will say that I'm totally failure, or maybe one of those people will say I'm totally cool. It's life.

In real life, many people have to lost, and many people also comes at the time. I can say goodbye at 4pm then say hello for something else at 4.15 pm.
It's life.

This post named Lost, sometimes i feel like it's better to lost in somewhere, which full of hope, without many people who always wants you to be down.

Lapangan Lambawu (***)

Taken by:

Bag: Mulberry Alexa (if you want order it mention me @aulley)
Cropped blazer: flea market | Basic tee: Big Jill
Plaid skirt: tailor made | Leather oxford shoes: Zara
Belt: Topshop | Watch: Tokyo Flash Infection


J said...

falling in love with ur shoes!:)

Journal J

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your bag...wanna exchange link??

Ladyulia said...

your shoes!